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Lease Management


5 months

(Feb 2021 - Jun 2022)


2 Product Designers

1 Head of Design

1 Product Manager

12 Engineers


User Research

Usability Testing

Concept Testing

Visual Design

Interaction Design


We want to make it easier for clients to manage the leases for their workplaces. Lease Management is a tool we’re creating for clients to help them understand and act on their lease portfolio.

Companies have to process copious amounts of information. Each lease contains a great deal of data points, including critical dates, rent schedule, expenses, taxes, lease clauses, contractual rights and obligations, upcoming or ongoing build outs, contacts, etc. All this data needs to be organized and compared across leases in order to facilitate real estate planning and short-term decision-making. Accessing, processing and understanding lease is time consuming process that requires hours of searching for data and data compilation.


Companies may find information about their leases scattered across a number of desktop folders, or in spreadsheets and emails that aren’t connected to one another which makes it virtually impossible to identify key information quickly


How might we make it easier for clients to manage their leases?

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Client Goals

Help our clients track all of their work place leases,understand their contractual obligations and options built into their lease and stay on top of critical dates

Broker Goals

Our brokers are the secondary users who will be able to assist leases on behalf of the client. We’ll allow them to upload and create leases for the client, view and manage lease details to help clients keep track of the critical events.


User Research

Competitive Analysis

User Interviews

Lease Education


Design Brief
User Interviews



Design Explorations
Design System
Concept Testing


Usability Testing
Concept Testing
Handoff Guide

User Types

  • Primary User - Large companies with multiple leases

  • Secondary User - Small companies with single lease

Understanding Lease Journey

Typically, lease management consists of the obligational tasks that take place after a lease has been agreed upon. To understand day-to-day lease management duties, we needed  to understand the journey a lease takes.

Modern Office

1. Office Space Secured

Once the search is completed, lease is then finalized by both parties including the tenant and landlord.

2. Lease Abstraction

It's a process that highlights all the basic key terms, providing a summary to the critical information from the agreement. 

3. Lease Management

By tracking and optimizing every aspect of a client's real estate portfolio. this process can help a tenant significantly reduce the expenses associated with leasing.

Customer Problem

I am

responsible for managing our various office spaces around the country

I am trying to

be better informed and stay on top of the leases for all of our offices so that I don't miss key dates or make decisions that harm our business


it is difficult to find the related documents and quickly make sense of the critical information for each lease, leading to missed opportunities in lease related decisions


my leases are buried in my emails and I am not an expert on leases

which makes me feel

overwhelmed and concerned

User Interviews

Lease Management

I’m tired of spending time digging and searching for all of the leases and abstracts

Document Storage

I have to go through my emails, spreadsheets and other software just to find my lease

Lease Management

I need a way to monitor the company’s real estate finances in a simpler format

Lease Management

It’s painful to go through spreadsheets and it doesn’t help if we don’t look at it.

Critical Dates

It’s super difficult to keeping track of all the changes, rent increases, renewals and so forth.

Rent Schedule

Why is this month’s rent more than last month’s rent?

Key Findings


Centralize real estate portfolio

Enable clients to centralize all lease agreements in a single platform, allowing them to monitor critical dates, important key terms associated with even the most complex leases.


Quickly Manage and access documents

Central repository makes documents and abstracts easily accessible


Stay on top of critical events

Missing key dates and options within lease agreements can be costly. With Lease management, client will recieve alerts based on lease-critical dates that requires their attention.


Simplify Lease Details

Lease Abstract - Provides tenant a summary of their lease and a concise analysis of the abstract in a format that is easily understood.

Final Designs

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Global Critical Dates.jpg
Monthly Digest for Clients.jpg
Lease Details - No Sublease.png
Lease History (Client).png
Single Lease Critical Dates - Upcoming and Past.png
Rent Schedule, Collapsed.png
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