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Office Search


Product Designer


6 months

(Dec 2020 - May 2021)


User Research

Usability Testing

Concept Testing

Visual Design

Interaction Design


Traditional office search and leasing process is arduous and complex. Raise platform, a tech enabled brokerage exists to help our clients find and manage the workplace they love.


The client-side platform was centered on supporting clients through a single transaction, with no additional affordances and visibility given into other deals that may be in flight.

How might we support clients who have multiple office searches and help them navigate the complexities of the process while finding the workplace they love?

At the Office


Allow clients to view simultaneous searches and those with across multiple markets in an effort to give them a more comprehensive view of their real estate strategy. ​ Mobile optimization is another primary focus to elevate the collaboration experience.


Platform Audit
User Research


Design Explorations
Design System
Concept Testing


Design Brief
User Interviews


Usability Testing
Concept Testing
Handoff Guide

Office Search Process

4 main stages were identified during and after the office search experience. We wanted to get a deeper understanding of what the search process looks like for the clients and brokers.

1. Planning

The brokers work to understand the client’s needs and preferences. They also educate the client on the process.
Brokers do market research to evaluate and find listings that might work for the client. They look together and create a short list of ones they’d want to tour.

2. Touring

Client and brokers go to view the spaces in person because it will will help close on and envision what clients really want. They would Tour until a Proposal has been fully negotiated and accepted.

3. Proposals

Once client has selected the spaces they’re interested in, the broker requests proposals from the Landlord. Client reviews the details of the proposals and compares between the different ones. Broker helps outline the pros & cons of all.

4. Negotiation

Client and broker send counter proposals to negotiate better deals, and this goes back and forth between LL and client until something that works for both parties is established.

Identifying Client Types


First time clients searching for an office

Views deal progress and a clear path forward in their dealroom, along with general research tools for the market of their search that are always accessible


Client with multiple searches

View active searches from a summary level to easily track progress of each search. From the summary views, users can drill into each search to experience the same functionality present today in the client side platform


Client that has a single search

View current status and a summary of updates in their search


Client that has no active search

Track their leases and the market, with easy ability to start a new search



“I’m not sure what I need to do after i review the listings.”


“How do i view the floorplan? The text and images are all squished when I’m on my phone”


“How are all these listings added into my dealroom? I’m confused how these are sorted.”


“This link only shows 1 of my 2 searches. How can I view all of my searches in a single view?”


“I can’t see all of these spaces on a map. Is there a way to see all of the listings on a map view?”


“Why are all of these listing details empty? Are these accurately displayed?”

Key Findings

Colors & Typography

New Colors - Client.png

Final Designs

Login - Desktop.png
Login - Mobile.png
Home - Desktop.png
Home - Mobile.png
Overview - Desktop.png
Overview - Mobile.png
Listings - Mobile.png
Listing modal-Desktop.png
Listings Modal- Mobile.png
Listing modal-Desktop.png
Listings Modal- Mobile.png
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